Food is my language. It is my language of love and the most authentic expression of who I am.

My most memorable moments have been formed around the table.

My most dear friendships were formed around food in some way or other.

I’ve lived and travelled to several countries around the world and in each culture, I’ve been invited and welcomed into countless homes, embraced, fed and nourished with food and the stories that surround them. My experience has shown that people are at their core- generous and kind and welcoming. People generally want to connect and share, irrespective of how little or much they have.

My life and palate has been so deeply touched and influenced by the generosity I experienced from the farms in Tuscany to the Medinas of Morocco; from the old ladies in Montreal, to the fisherman in Jamaica; from the housekeepers in Sierra Leone to the cooks in Singapore.

Food nourishes the body

Stories nourish the soul.

Both have great power to connect.

Once Upon A Thyme is the place where food and stories meet: it is that space of nourishment and love and connection.

I am inspired by ingredients and foods from around the globe, taking bits from here and bits from there. I use fresh, organic whole foods, natural sweeteners, lots of herbs and always a massive dose of love.