I had just settled into a daily rhythm that enabled me to function effectively, and then Covid-19 came along and dismantled everything that I had so carefully put into place.

The second that I heard the news that daycare would be closed until after the Summer, as a result of Covid-19, I froze, I panicked and my mind went into confusion mode.

How would I be able to take care of my pre-schooled aged throughout the entire day, keep her occupied, clean the house, make our meals, do the grocery shopping, turn up for work and maintain my sanity?

Breathe in.

Breathe out.

I pulled myself together and began to construct the perfect plan within my mind; I would wake up early and do my yoga and meditation, wake up the little one and have breakfast, give her some activities so that she is occupied while I do my work. Then we will eat lunch together and I will continue work while ….well, you get the picture right?

I’ve got this!

Oh, no I don’t!

Day 1 failed within the first hour. My daughter had a clearly different plan in mind as to how the next few weeks would pan out for her. After the first week of trial and error, meltdowns and chaos, we were able to find our sweet spot, and what a glorious sweet spot it is!

We found a happy medium in the kitchen-the perfect oasis for both of us. The kitchen has always been my oasis, my place to decompress, to be creative, to release any stress, to relish in my happiness, to be nourished and to nourish others. 

I always loose myself within the process of cooking and baking, and for that reason, perhaps I’ve never much liked anyone else in the kitchen while I am doing my thing. But during this period of  lock-down, my daughter suddenly took on a strong interest in what I was doing in the kitchen and joined in the fun. It was truly magical! 

The kitchen has now become our playground, our science lab, our math lounge and the place where we laugh, share stories and just have fun. After we cook or bake, she is now content to occupy herself for a bit, while I get my work done; at least a little bit. 

I’ve got this!

Once Upon a Thyme, was born our of my desire to chronicle and share my culinary experiences. It combines my passion for recipe creation, cooking, baking, and writing all in one; Delicious recipes with life stories served on top.

My cooking is multifaceted and while I am primarily vegetarian, I do from time to time, eat meat (when I know where it is sourced), and fish. I love to cook with whole foods with would describe my cooking as “wholesome with a bit of extra something.”

Have fun and may you be nourished!