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Super Easy Almond Flour Pancakes

Saturday mornings in our household often begin with some sort of pancakes for the kids. They always enjoy making them together as much as they enjoy eating them!.

This is our quick and simple recipe.

[lt_recipe name=”Almond Flour Recipe” prep_time=”5 MINUTES” cook_time=”5 MINUTES” total_time=”10 MINUTES” difficulty=”Easy” summary=”A super easy delicious almond four pancake ” print=”yes” ingredients=”2 large eggs;1/2 cup of nut milk or flaxseed milk;1 tsp. vanilla extract;1 1/2 finely ground and blanched almond flour (without the skin);1/2 tsp. of salt;1 tsp. baking powder;Optional 1 tsp. cinnamon ;Oil for frying ( we use coconut)” ]Mix the eggs, nut milk and extract together ;Stir in the rest of the ingredients and you are good to go!;Turn on the stove to medium heat;Place your pan onto the stove and add just enough oil to coat the pan (1/2 teaspoon);Pour in the batter and cook until you start to see bubbles ;Flip and cook for another minutes;READy! Yum!;;P.S. Almond flours vary greatly in texture. If your dough is too thick, add as much milk as you need to create a “pourable” consistency, as in the video. [/lt_recipe]