I had just settled into a daily rhythm that enabled me to function effectively, and then Covid-19 came along and dismantled everything that I had so carefully put into place.

When I heard that daycares would be closed until after the Summer, I broke out into a cold sweat, had heart palpitations and panicked!

Breathe in. 

Breathe out. 

How would I be able to manage the daily cleaning, washing, preparing meals, grocery shopping, doing my usual job and take care of a day care-aged child,  all day, every day until further notice?

Breathe in. 

Breathe out.

I pulled myself together and began to construct the perfect plan within my mind; I would wake up early and do my yoga and meditation, wake up the little one, have breakfast together, plan a few activities for my daughter, while I get some work done. We would eat lunch together, I would get some more work done, while my daughter goes through some more activities. At 4pm, I would prepare dinner, while she occupies herself and at 6 we would eat dinner together and hang out until her bedtime at 8pm.

Oh, no you don’t!

Day 1 failed within the first hour. My daughter had a very clear picture of how the next few months would pan out for her. In addition, the daily chores, tasks and jobs that were once divided into three different people became morphed into one, and I simply could not manage it all!

After days of trial and error, meltdowns and chaos, tantrums and tears, however, my daughter and I  found a partial solution.

We found a happy medium in the kitchen-the perfect oasis for both of us. The kitchen has always been my oasis, my place to meditate, to be creative, to release any stress, to relish in my happiness, to be nourished and to nourish others. I always seem to loose myself within, and for that reason, perhaps I’ve never much liked anyone else in the kitchen while I am doing “my thing.”

But during this period of lock-down, my daughter suddenly took on a strong interest in my culinary creations and wanted to join in the fun. It has now become our playground and is truly magical!

Oh, Yes I do!

By turning my previous task of making meals for us into a joint activity, we spend much of our days together creating culinary delights, accompanied by lots of fun and a great deal of laugher. Of course, I still have to do everything else. But, I can do it now with a great deal more peace of mind.

My desire to chronicle and share my culinary experiences has resurfaced (I used to keep a foodblog back in 2005). Once Upon a Thyme, combines my passion for recipe creation, cooking, baking, and writing all in one; Delicious recipes with my life stories served on top.

My cooking is multifaceted and while I am primarily vegetarian, I do from time to time, eat meat (when I know where it is sourced), and fish. I love to cook with whole foods with would describe my cooking as “wholesome with a bit of extra something.”

Have fun and may you be nourished!